Friday, December 11, 2015



Butterfly - 40x60cm - acrylic on stretched canvas - 2014

This is a spirituell painting. The circles, mandalas, symbolize harmony, wholeness, perfection, and completeness. The moon, the sun, the earth are mandalas of infinity, presenting us with unity, and teaching us cosmic order. The circular design is avoid of beginning and ending, like life itself.

I painted many eyes for protection. The ancient superstition of the evil eye is very much alive in modern life too. A look of the evil eye may cause harm, bring bad luck, inflict suffering. Do I believe in this myth? Better to be on the safe side, so here are the symbolic eyes against the malicious stare. 

Fish is a general good luck symbol. It has various meanings in different cultures. In Buddhism the fish stands for happiness and freedom, these characters I have given to my fish images.

The Hamsa Hand brings great fortune and happiness. It is a Middle Eastern amulet causing good luck and health. Hamsa in Hebrew comes from the word hamesh, witch means five. Five is considered to be a lucky number. Five senses are the treasure of human beings.

The Hamsa Hand often includes the icon of an eye for added strength. I chose strong and pure hearts instead for love and joy, for emotion and compassion. 

Blue and purple are royal colors, and my butterfly is set into the night sky of endless stars.

The figures of yin and yang add harmony and balance to the painting.