Friday, June 5, 2015


Niqabi - 40cm x 30cm - 2013

The niqab (Arabic) is a face veil worn by Muslim women. It comes originally from Bedouin culture in the Arabian Peninsula and has been already used in pre-Islamic time by men and women in order to protect the face from sun and sand.

Usually it is worn in conjunction with a black robe, the chador. The smaller the field of visible skin around the eyes, the more similar the niqab is to a burka, which is a garment that covers body and face completely.

Women wearing the niqab are called "niqabi".   


  1. Another beautiful and fine art piece, Yael. Love the information you give us, too!

  2. An artist truly beautiful, I love it.

  3. Great painting! It is not only beautiful, but full of drama! Thank you for the information.