Thursday, August 6, 2015


Ram - 40x30cm - 2013

I find my own painted rams head, so not physically correct at all, the nicest and friendliest, and while creating it I only cared for the shapes and colors and for the humor of the image. I did not have any symbolism in my mind.

But as it turns out after some research at the Internet, a rams head stands for many things. The similarity of the female reproduction system - the anatomy of the uterus and the fallopian tubes - to the outline of a rams head is quite obvious, but using this originally pagan symbol in occult satanism is a very negative way to belittle and ridicule women's sacred cycle. 
In many ancient civilizations the sheep played an enormous and important role in the daily life of the people, delivering milk, meat and wool. Sheep gods have been worshiped in their cultures, and rams heads were often used in their rituals. Khnum, was the Egyptian god of rebirth, depicted with the head of a ram. In many societies from far back in time till today the rams head stands for power and energy, for leadership and fearlessness. Antlers and horns are associated with male power. The god Ammon, the Greek rendering of Amun, is often shown with horns of a ram.

There are properties contributed  to the symbol of the Ram, which are spiritual in a bad sense, mysterious, sinister and eerie. I do not want to touch upon them.


  1. He looks so friendly and happy Yael. I don't associate anything negative with this lovely painting--only positive.

  2. Yeah, it is so happy, it looks a bit like you, content. Painting has come alive in you, absolutely perfect.

  3. such a wonderful piece and fun to see as well.
    so interesting about he meaning of the Ram, i had no idea.

  4. He really looks like my ram Pauli! Er ist ein Findelkind und ganz lieb und stark und zahm. Powerful and positive work with a perfect composition!