Sunday, November 22, 2015

MISSIS GAZAWAY - going for a walk in the meadow, all dressed up and not missing a thing

More than 25 years ago we lived in the United States, and our son was enrolled in public school for his first class. He had classmates from around the world. Their English language teacher was Missis Gazaway, a gorgeous strong woman, full of positive life energies, and love for all these little kids, who spoke many languages except English. She was a wonderful teacher, very watchful, caring, funny, and smart. The children adored her, and the parents as well.

Missis Gazaway - 30x40cm - acrylic on canvas board - 2013


  1. What love in the details--and a wonderful story, Yael!

  2. Wow, great many eye and the students surrounding her. I can imagine how wonderful Missis Gazaway teacher was.

  3. Oh what a marvelous story. What a grand teacher, in love with her always makes a difference in so many ways. and I love YOUR mISSIS Gazaway! xo

  4. yael,
    Especially you write about the teacher, twenty-five years ago
    these are all good things in life, you get along as a child.
    Your painting is as cheerful .... love !!
    Greetings Christiene.

  5. Yael ,your question what she has cooked
    a pan of soup, It is a fishing story = 1900.
    dear greeting Christiene.

  6. Woiwee, I love your snail, excellent image Yael..